Frustrated? Get Used to It.

Frustration afflicts us all. It is that ever-occurring state of mental and emotional tension that exists when someone or something builds a wall between us and our dreams.  But the thing about walls is that there is almost always at least one way over, under, around or through them.  If your resolution to reach your dreams is strong enough, you will find a way that works for you.

Another thing about walls is that overcoming one wall gives you the energy and momentum you will need to overcome the next one.  And there will always be a next one, and a next one, and a next one… guaranteed.

So, the bottom line is that since there will always be frustration in your future, you need to expect it and resolve to turn every frustration into your special jet fuel, a fuel that ignites your latent energies, overcomes every wall life puts in your path and propels you toward your dreams.


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