Living in the Matrix of Cause and Effect

We live in an infinite and eternal matrix of causes and effects- natural causes and effects, human causes and effects, and Divine causes and effects.  Within this matrix we are free to set into motion our own causes and effects, but beyond that we control nothing else.  If we choose to send forth our best causes, it is reasonable for us to expect good effects, but there are no guarantees.  Sometimes our best efforts are cancelled out by other causes and effects that are beyond our foresight and control.  So, as we have all learned from life’s many disappointing experiences, life is not always fair.

Well, the good news is that even though life is not always fair, it almost always is fair.  Far more often than not, we do reap what we sow- our diligence and hard work is usually rewarded, and our negligence and laziness is usually punished.

So, given the unfairness and fairness of life, what is the best way to live in the matrix of cause and effect?  First, we should accept wholeheartedly the reality that life is not always fair and that our dreams may not always come true.  That’s just the way life is.  Accepting this fact will save us a lot of unnecessary frustration and self-condemnation.  But we should also be careful not to live in the “life is not fair” mode.  To do so is to live a life of learning less, loving less, doing less, having less and being less.

Instead, we should put all our faith and effort into living by the principle that, overall, life is fair.  This will give us the confidence we need strive each day to send forth our very best and highest causes into the world and trust that, more often than not, we will reap a good harvest from the good seed we have sown.  So the best way to live in the matrix of cause and effect is to sow our best and accept the rest, knowing that by doing so we will live our best life, even if life is sometimes unfair.


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